Christopher A. Chapman

Chris Chapman of Birmingham, AL

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


I am in Palm Beach at the Ritz Carlton. I was just treated to a very late lunch by Lee Thrasher of CSC.

Perfect place for margaritas by the ocean if my head wasn't hurting so much from the sinus infection. The weather is perfect (cooler than B'ham and light high clouds). Just finished ironing all of my clothes. I may jump in the ocean before the cocktail party begins. Pretty sad to be "free" and ready to have fun, but the antibiotics haven't started working yet!

btw, flight left at 7, but b/c of shuttle delays, I got here after 2:30 cst. Oh well.

Two pix, shot from the plane as we apprach Palm Beach and view from my room window. Can't tell from the picture, but I'm on the 4th floor overlooking the pool and ocean. Nice.
posted by Chris, 4:04 PM

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