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Friday, June 10, 2005

A nice little sketch of Ethan by his Uncle Woody Compton. Pretty neat, eh? Uncle Woody and Aunt Kim live in Alachua, FL just down the street from Ethan's Grandma and Papa.

Woody deals in high-end, high-fidelity equipment for a living. On the side, he fabricates drum kits. Great craftsmanship. In addition, he still keeps busy as an illustrator. See his work here at the comic Is This Tomorrow?

Kim, an artist in her own right (a certifiable BFA and MFA to her credit), works for the Evil Empire, The University of Florida, in the Alumni office. Among other things, she coordinates big parties for big wigs. Even I must admit that hanging out with Urban Meyer and Charlie Strong (very famous football coaches) can't be that bad.Posted by Hello
posted by Chris, 11:51 PM

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