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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Another month has passed on by....

In 2006, we participated in a wonderful 3rd birthday celebration.

Then, we watched our children grow up. Amelia became much more expressive. What a sweet little girl (that still sleeps most of the night, whew!). So, mid-January had plenty of activity.

As January wound down, Lynn's photography classes took off. In another set of photos, there are plenty of highlights from the botanical Gardens in Birmingham. The first weekend of February brought adventure. The family loaded up our Saab wagon and headed north to Fort Payne, AL. On the way, I decided to hit a road barricade with the car. Ethan told me to avoid barricades for the remainder of the trip. Good advice. We went to see Lynn's college roommate, Dr. Skelton. Aimee is an Orthodontist. You'll see pictures of her new office. Very nice. Finally, we ended up in Chattanooga for a nice hotel stay and aquarium visit.

Lynn's specific photography focus this winter focuses on flash. Her class portfolio (still in-progress, by the way) is now posted for all to see.

Finally, Valentine's Day is now a memory. Some photos from last week are also available.

Please check out all these memories , and links to pictures from prior times, by clicking on the Family Photos link.
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