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Friday, May 12, 2006

I've failed to post for literally months.

I cannot tell you how many pictures need to be published. Heck, my little girl is crawling and standing now. Well, we are finally leaving to see Lynn's grandparents. There will be plenty of pictures to post upon our return. Here's to a safe trip.

Now, to tide you over, I think that playing with Google Trends is a good way to spend your time. The article below was lifted straight from the "Every Day Should be Saturday" college football fan (actually, Florida fans, ugh) web site. Enjoy.


Google’s latest step in becoming the Omega point for all thought and human activity comes in the form of Google Trends, which tracks searches by region, frequency, and time. College football searches by major American metropole:

1. Birmingham
2. Omaha
3. Baton Rouge
4. Oklahoma City
5. Columbus
6. Austin
7. Nashville
8. Tampa
9. Atlanta
10. Houston

College football–the official sport of the ‘tweener set? Not only are most of these cities university or university-proximate towns, they represent highly populated regions stuck between big-league sports markets, or at least sit on their fringes. That they serve as the de facto teams for these cities is nothing new; to see it illustrated so dramatically in terms of active interest is fascinating. It also confirms our suspicions that no one, and we mean no one, ever works in Alabama.

Other results of interest:

Top city for searching sweatervest: Chicago, not Columbus.

Top city for mustache: Austin (we know we’d like it there.)

Top city for badonkadonk: Raleigh! Who knew? NORTH CAROLINA…

Top city for NCAA: Columbus. Don’t say you weren’t worried, Buckeyes–it’s on record now.

Top city for Herpes: New York.

Your work day is hereby declared over. Go to it.

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