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Thursday, August 10, 2006

As we move closer and closer to the football season, every little news tidbit about Bama football must be reviewed. Wallace Wade, the first coach to win a National Championship at Alabama, is part of the new promenade in front of the stadium. I can't wait to see how great the place looks after all of the changes and seat additions. C'mon September 2nd. Get here!

If you have not checked out the Family Photo section lately, I've loaded pictures up to the beginning of August. I know that Aunt Brenda found them. I just received a nice email from her.

My little digital camera is "dead." Hopefully, a repair is possible sooner rather than later. We now rely on Lynn's Nikon D70 for all shots. Although that camera is pretty incredible, it is not what I want to take on this year's scheduled rafting trip, football games, or random quick trips to the zoo with the kids. Posted by Picasa
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