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Thursday, October 23, 2008

I've made it a mission to not get into this election. As some know, I've always said that McCain never had a chance because I like what he does in Congress..... champion cuts in spending and doesn't overtly try to mingle church and state. To my disbelief, he actually captured the Republican nomination.

Well, McCain's not really looking so genuine under all this election scrutiny. In fact, sometime he looks horridly out-of-touch. Plus his economic advisers are not too thrilling, or downright dangerous. At least his running mate looks pretty, since viewing ugly people on TV make me tired. Meanwhile, that other guy, the epitome of a Democratic Party opportunist, has Paul Volker. How cool. How strange. How compelling.

This bastion of the Regan era (by way of Jimmy Carter's administration), Chairman Voker, was the most powerful man in the world for almost a decade. The paradox is, some of the Obama socialist-leaning agenda could really sink the foundations of capitalism if they actually take root. Someone like Volker really couldn't agree with the policy choices, as there is no way to pay for the goodies. Since Obama made this economic advisor choice, and Volker agreed to assist, I think it is a striking statement about Obama's leadership decisions. Striking in a very positive way (both politically and pragmatically).

All of the paradoxes from both candidates continue to make me appreciate the Libertarian cause. The party platform still is stirring to me. Although, to be fair, both major party candidates are vastly more appealing than anything I can recall since I've been able to vote back in 1992. Still, the recent credit crunch is too hard to fathom, and federalization is a giant trend that looks unstoppable, regardless of the election's outcome.

I don't have to agonize about what choice to make this election. In Alabama, the state is a vivid RED color. My vote seriously does not matter. This is a solid way to avoid critical thought. I know that my vote is statistically irrelevant here in Birmingham. But, I still agonize. I really dislike Bob Barr (the Libertarian candidate, but one-time a pretty icky Republican Congressman from Georgia), and have personally seen him speak. So, do I still vote Libertarian as I have for every previous presidential election? Maybe.

But, the Obama leadership and charisma is hard to ignore. For example, the way he is motivating the country and raising campaign money is just amazing. Check out this great work of art from San Franscisco. Mc Yogi scripted a masterpiece. It kind of reminds me of listening to The Low End Theoy, by A Tribe Called Quest, for the first time in college, and being blown away. Mc Yogi captures this Tribe vibe and works it. A great, powerful, video. Check it out....

Obama '08 - Vote For Hope from MC Yogi on Vimeo.


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